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Q: How is my Self-directed Window Account protected?
A: Currently, securities held in custody by the Clearing Agent (Pershing LLC) for each Participant’s account are protected up to the total amount in the account (this is on a per participant not per plan basis). Of this total, Securities Investor Protection Corporation (“SIPC”) provides $500,000 of coverage, including $100,000 for claims for cash. The remaining coverage on securities only is provided by the Clearing Agent through a commercial insurer. This account protection applies when a SIPC member firm fails financially and is unable to meet obligations to securities customers, but it does not protect against losses from the rise and fall in market value of investments. You will be notified of any change in this protection. Refer to the SIPC website for further information; which can be found by visiting:
Q: How does HFS ensure the privacy and security of my account?
Website Usage:

The Internet site provides private, secure communications. The confidential account information and transactions are secured (encrypted) with the latest Netscape Secure Commerce Server technology, the best in the industry. Additionally, members are required to access their account using one of the latest secure browsers such as Netscape Navigator (version 3.0 or higher) or Microsoft's Internet Explorer (version 3.0 or higher). When a member logs into his or her account, the encrypted (secure) areas can be easily identified by two characteristics. The first distinction is the location (URL). Pages using encryption will have URLs that begin with https:// (instead of http://). The second characteristic is the key icon that appears in the lower left corner of the browser. The key (or lock, for Microsoft Internet Explorer users) will appear whole rather than broken in half.

Our servers also use "cookie" technology to ensure the account's confidentiality and security, to make it easier for the users to navigate through the Internet site, and to enable them to create customized information on the Internet site based on input they decide, including model portfolios.

Personal Information:

Hewitt Financial Services collects nonpublic personal information about you from your Hewitt Financial Services transactions. You provide this information to us so that we may process your Hewitt Financial Services transactions.

Information about your Hewitt Financial Services transactions is provided to your financial organization and only to other parties to complete that transaction and to maintain your account as permitted by law. We do not sell information about the users of Hewitt Financial Services to anyone.

We restrict access to nonpublic personal information about you to those employees and agents who need to know that information to provide products or services to you. We maintain physical, electronic, and procedural safeguards to guard your nonpublic personal information.

Q: Can I earn interest in my window account?
A: Yes, all idle cash from transfers and investment earnings are swept into the Hewitt Money Market daily.

Note: Money market funds are sold by prospectus only. Although a money market fund seeks to preserve the value of your investment at $1.00 per share, it is possible to lose money by investing in a money market fund.

Q: Can I receive statements electronically?
A: Yes, you can set up statements, confirmations, and other important records exclusively for online viewing. Paperless account documents are good for the environment and you can access them online instead of having to wait for them in the mail.  Log into your Hewitt Financial Services account, go to Accounts -> Profile -> Document Delivery.  Change selection to 'Email Notification'.
Q: How do I close my account?
A: Change answer to: To close a Self-directed Window Account you must liquidate all investments in the window. Once the trades settle, the proceeds will be invested in the Hewitt Money Market Fund. This process will take three to five business days depending on the settlement period of the investments liquidated. Once the funds are in the money market you can process a close out event on your Plan's website. As soon as your window account has a zero balance you can contact Hewitt Financial Services via email or phone to close the account.
Q: How do I update my window account information?
A: You can update your phone number(s) by calling a Hewitt Financial Services Representative or sending a signed fax to 847.554.1444.  Your address on the window account will be updated automatically once you change the address on your Plan's website.  You can update your email address and password by logging into your Hewitt Financial Services account and going to Accounts -> Account Profile.
Q: How do I reset my password?
A: Please call an Investment Specialist at 1.800.890.3200 to reset your password.
Q: What is the No Transaction Fee (NTF) mutual fund program and how do I obtain a list of these funds?
A: Change answer to: The NTF program offers a subset of mutual funds with no transaction fee as long as  the fund(s) is held longer than 90 days.  Funds redeemed or exchanged within 90 days of the purchase date will incur a $50 transaction fee.  A list of the NTF eligible funds in available on the UBS Hewitt Financial Services homepage,
Q: Why can't I sell my mutual fund today?
A: Mutual funds cannot be redeemed until settlement date plus one.  No-load fund trades usually settle trade date plus one and load fund trades usually settle trade date plus three.
Q: Can I setup systematic investments on mutual funds in my Self-directed brokerage account?
A: Yes, Hewitt Financial Services offers the Payroll Investment Program (PIP) that allows you to direct payroll contributions directly to the window account. That money is then automatically reinvested in the mutual funds you've selected.  To set up PIP, please log into your Plan's website and direct payroll contributions to the window.  Then, log into your Hewitt Financial Services account and go to Trading -> Mutual Funds -> Payroll Election to set up your fund reinvestment choices.  NOTE:  Funds available in this program are a subset of the NTF fund list.  There is a list of available PIP funds on the UBS Hewitt Financial Services homepage,
Q: I don't have a link to my window account on my Plan's website.  Who should I contact?
A: Please contact the Benefits Connection for assistance.
Q: What is a Freeride restriction?
A: A freeride occurs when a security is bought and sold without having the full amount of settled cash to cover the purchase. As per Regulation T of the Federal Reserve Board, a freeride will cause an account to be placed on a 90 day restriction, where sale proceeds may not be used until the trade settles.
Q: What is an unsettled trade liquidation?
A: An unsettled trade liquidation occurs when a purchase is made with uncleared or unsettled trade proceeds.
Q: How do I liquidate fractional shares?
A: If you place an order to liquidate all shares of a mutual fund position any fractional shares owned will be liquidated as part of that order.
Q: What happens to the dividends and capital gains on mutual funds purchased through the Payroll Investment Program (PIP)?
A: All dividends and capital gains are reinvested back into the mutual fund.